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UNIRES : A Great Moslem For Better Future

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   It was really short time. We didn't feel that we had to stop it all the memories. I don't want it actually. It will be a great memories for me. At the first time I came here. I saw a many different things, such as facilities, behaviour and etc. It seems that I was the only one here. I stayed alone in usrah usman bin affan at the first time. but step by step all my friends that would stay together with me in usrah usman bin affan already come. They were so unique and had a different culture too. After that we chit chat together, and talked about our personalities. We had 2 people that really influenced us. They were Brother Yusuf and Abduh. In the early month B. Yusuf couldn't come early because he had to finish his practical training in Sebatik. So that B. Abduh was the only one in usrah that always motivated us to be a good people. B. Abduh was from South Sulawesi exacly in Muna. He was really patient people. When we got lazy in praying and studying religion, he seldom angry, he just smiled and asked us to change our habit. It was so simple right??. "The most important thing is we have to do a good praying. Don't so fast if you do a praying, take it slow down than you will understand what the function of praying", he said. So that He just asked us to do a good praying, no matter we have a bad attitude if we do a good in praying, allah will change ourselves, so that let allah change it we just need to motivate them. In this sentence really mean to me. It's mean that I realized when I got child I did praying so fast without I knew the meaning of pray. Thanks B. Abduh who always motivated us and gave us a good example.
   After several days had passed. B Yusuf came here than he directly introduced himself. He was from Kendal, His full name was Muh Yusuf Patria. He was in international relation major, so that he had a same major with me. He often talk about the hot issue such as war in syria, iraq, and etc when we got al islam lesson. He was a simple person. If we didn't wanna do what he wanted to do, It's ok." But you have to follow all the regulation here" he said. So I thought that it's just the same, hehe. So right here B.Yusuf had one year left before he got out from here. He was in the last semester so he always ask us to always remember him when he leave out from here. He was graduated from Islamic Gontor Dormitory, so that his english was less than his arabic. He could teach about english but he felt still confuse because he focused on arabic lesson. But It didn't matter anymore If he couldn't teach about it clearly the important thing was he could be a good example too.
   Master Ceremony Non Formal was a great exercise for my public speaking. I thought that I had a short time in that agenda or we called it HW (Haflatul Wada). There was a selection first before it. Actually I didn't want it because I thought that It's been a long time I didn't perform in the front of stage. After the selection had done. The committee just choosed 2 people from boys and 2 people from girls. And It just by chance I was choosed to be Mc Non Formal. It meant that I had to make it fun in every step of events. So I with Saykha made such as concept that contained Ice breaker, dancer and etc. It was really funny. and we made a simple coreography too to introduce ourselves in front of stage. "Yeaah We are Sasya (Saykha Syauqi) hahah.". If you watched the video you will be laugh out loud. So just wacth the video in youtube guys!!.. wkwkwk. Ok guys that's all that I want to share right now. I hope it can be usefull for us..
Let's Watch The Video Guys!!!.. And give your big thumb.. Ok!!

When we performed our coreography

Grand Opening Haflatul Wada
Rasyid Ridho Performance

((Left to Right) Fahed, Irfan, Ismail, Tirta, Adi, Andhi, Mawan, Mas Abduh and Mas Yusuf)

When the agenda had just finished, we took a picture. Just look at me with a strange outfit, wkwkwk

Here we are.. Sasya (Saykha Syauqi). hahah

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Faith Will Move Mountains

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    Ok guys, How's life today? Absolutely fine right? hehe. All right guys, Right here I'm going to share about my experience when I followed Forsima or Forum silaturahi Alhimah 2 agenda. Oh ya before it, I'm going to tell you what fosima is. Forsima is an organization that hold by every students that had graduated from Alhikmah 2. Yeah Alhikmah 2 was my senior high school. Actually forsima had been long time since I was in senior high school forsima had been established. So in this year is My chance to be forsima's organizer. Now I'm treasurer in Forsima. I really want to develop forsima as well. So that My passion is needed here. hehe. I'm really happy when I can meet people from the same culture and school. We always use our mother tounge to talk about something, hehe. We really love to share our problems together and solve the problems together too.
   Last Sunday we went to depok beach. It was located near by Parangtritis beach. We invited our brothers that was doing PKL (Praktek Kerja Lapangan) in around Jogja. PKL or we can say that Practical Work is an agenda that hold every year. The student is from 11th grade. They do practical work because in this era we have to fight AFTA ( Asean Free Trade Association) in order to make a good capability in working. So that why, every student must stay in every places that fit with their spesification. There are 5 spesifications in my school, They are Computer, English, Fashion, Fishery, and Welding. Every spesification has different places. That's all about practical work in my school. Ohh yah almost forget it, I'm gonna talk about when I was in the beach with all of my brothers in depok beach. Ok We went to depok beach at 08.00. Because indonesia had known-well about their rubber hours. so that we went to beach at 09.00 am. Why we gotta late than? because we had to wait our little brothers first. They stayed in different places. So we had to be patient, heheh.  At that times I was in Prambanan. I visited my little brothers from EDS. so that I thought that I was late but not at all. I came there and I didn't see anything except 3 people were confused about the agenda. Than I came there and asked them. "What's going on guys?" I asked. "The places were complicated, ardi said that in depok beach but than several people said that in pelangi beach. Actually the first agenda was in pelangi beach, because right there we were going to learn about turtle observation. Because of miss communication, we directly went to depok beach and changed all the rundown, wow.. hahah. All of them were panic and I tried to make it calm down. "Sloww bro, It's gonna be alright, take it easy". I said. Than they said that "It's not about take it easy but we will changed all the rundown, and I can't sudden change it!!". " Ohh slow bro, let's come in firts, than we gonna make a game, that's the key" I said. So the situation were on fire but we had always be cold. So after all of the problems were solved it. We came in, than made several games. At the first time, Etik described about the game, but the materials was nothing, the materials such music box and the music were left. so directly I asked them to make a circle than I tried to make Ice breaker. "If I say Pagi Pagi!! You have to say that Semangaat!". Ok ready??.. yahh ready!!.. "Pagi Pagi !!". "Semaaangaat!!". So they laughed and it was funny. Then I tried to make a new game again. "If I say Lingkaran kecil Lingkaran Kecil, We have to get closer, but If I say Lingkaran Besar Lingkaran Besar we have to get away". Ok ready?? yaahh.. And they were so spirit untill there were some of their friends fell down than he got laughed from them. That's really wonderful moment that I ever had.
   So right here I believe that "Faith Will Move Mountains". It means that We have to sure for everything that we do. Don't ever say that I cant. But say that "Sure We Can!!".

Here We Are!!

Minggu, 22 Mei 2016

Sulit Bangun Shubuh?? Rugi loh!!

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Assalamu'alaikum sob, Pagi-pagi harus semangat ya sob. Kalau saya bilang pagi-pagi!! nanti sobat harus bilang semangaat!!. Ok?. Pagi-pagi!!. Semaangaat!!. Ya sob setiap hari kita harus selalu semangat, seluruh masalah jika dihadapkan dengan semangat akan menjadi a piece of cake sob atau mudah saja sob. hehe. Pada kesempatan kali ini sob, saya ingin berbagi pengalaman saya nih. Subuh merupakan lentera perpindahan dari gelap menuju terang. Ada pepatah berkata "Jika tidak bangun subuh nanti rezekinya di patok ayam" haha. yah itu memang benar kayaknya sob. soalnya kan jika diwaktu subuh itu ayam udah siap-siap untuk berkokok. Masa kita kalah sama ayam sob?? hahah. yah walapun ayam hanya seekor binatang yang hanya bisa makan dan tidur, tapi disisi lain mereka mengungguli kita sob. Mereka dapat bangun cepat di pagi hari dan langsung membuat keributan dengan kokokannya, hahaha.Oleh karena itu sob, kebiasaan bangun pagi ini kita harus mencontoh ayam, haha. Ayam harus dijadikan sebagai motivator utama dalam pembangkit semangat di pagi hari sbo. hahah. Gimana sob?? Tertarik untuk menyaingi ayam?? hahah. Oh ya nih sob, apa sih keuntungan jika kita bangun pagi??. Karena ini berdasarkan pengalaman saya nih sob, jadi saya merasa ada yang mengganjal jika belum dibagikan, heheh. Langsung aja simak nih manfaatnya sob.
1. Awet Muda
Siapa sih yang ga mau awet muda?? hehe. Pasti semuanya mau kan awet muda?? apalagi kaum wanita yang selalu memakai berbagai cara untuk bisa lebih muda, "15 tahun lebih muda, pakai setiap hari!!" (iklan sob) haha. Jadi kenapa kok bisa awet muda??. Percikan air pagi yang membasahi wajah kita setiap kali kita ambil air wudhu merupakan penyebab pertamanya sob. Intinya sob Air pagi dan udara pagi yang menyentuh pori-pori wajah kita itu sangat berbeda dibandingkan siang hari sob. Jadi kita gausah beli-beli lagi itu pembersih muka sob, cukup dengan percikan air pagi hari itu sob, apalagi kalau kita rajin mandi di pagi hari sob, eiits tapi bukan mandi b***r ya sob?? hahaha. Itu lebih mantaap lagi sob. Karena saya sudah mencoba sendiri sob. Ketika saya duduk di bangku smp, saya berpikir untuk menjaga dan merawat wajah saya itu dengan membeli pembersih wajah, tapi apa yang terjadi sob? malah keluar merah-merah bulat imut (jerawat) haha. langsung setelah itu saya beralih ke air wudhu pagi hari sob, haha.
2. Menenangkan Hati
Dengan seribu aktifitas yang kita lakukan, tidak menutupi kemungkinan kita akan bosan dan bunuh diri sob. Karena kita tau sendiri sob, orang jepang setiap kali mereka punya masalah dan tidak dapat diselesaikan, kebanyakan mereka mengambil keputusan untuk bunuh diri. Berbeda dengan di Indonesia, jika ada masalah selalu di bagikan masalah itu dan menyelesaikannya bersama-sama, ya kan sob?? haha. jika ga punya uang nih sob, "eh sob, boleh pinjam uangnya ga??", sambil memasang muka melas. "Ohh ya boleh sob". Seketika masalah yang tadinya sangat rumit terasa masalah tersebut terangkat ke angkasa dan melayang jauh menuju keluar bumi, yang artinya masalah itu bukan untuk dipikirkan tapi masalah itu untuk dicari solusinya sob. Nah salah satu solusinya sob yaitu bangun subuh sob. Karena sob doa saat subuh itu paling dianjurkan sob, dan kemungkinan terkabulnya itu besar sob. jadi jika kita punya masalah langsung konsultasikan ke allah dan jangan sampaikan kita berkata "yah allah, masalahku sangat besar" tapi katakan "wahai masalah, Allah maha besar" dengan begitu kita bisa sedikit tenang dan tentunya dengan usaha yang keras juga ya sob.
3. Mempercepat Kinerja Otak
Yaah ini sob yang harus kita pahami. Jadi sob, jika kita tidur pagi atau sore itu biasanya kepala mumet dan malas untuk kerja apapun. Karena sob, tidur pada saat pagi atau sore hari itu tidak baik bagi kesehatan. Apalagi sob jika kita tidur pada sore hari, itu akan membuat seseorang menjadi gila dan sulit untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungannya. Solusinya ya kita harus paksa sob untuk bangun tidur, karena sob sesuatu yang sudah mengakar tidak bisa secepat itu berubahnya. Minimal sob coba bangun pagi selama 30 hari, jika sudah bisa, bangun pagi ini akan menjadi kebiasaan sob. Hal ini akan sangat membantu juga sob jika kita mempunyai kepentingan yang harus diselesaikan cepat, yah itu dengan mencoba bangun pagi, otak kita itu masih fresh dan untuk berpikir sangatlah cepat sob.
      Sepertinya tiga hal ini sob yang saya rasakan manfaatnya sob. Oh ya mau tau cara bangun pagi ga sob? langsung aja deh, ini berdasarkan pengalaman saya juga sob, hehe.
1. Niat
Niatkan semuanya hanya karena allah sob, Jadi sebelum tidur minta sama Allah untuk dibangunkan pada pagi hari. Karena sob, Alarm juga terkadang tidak membuat kita bisa bangun, tetapi malah membuat kita marah, hahah ya kan?. Karena alarm hanya membangunkan dari luar sob bukan dari hati dan pikiran kita sob, heheh.
2. Paksa Minimal 30 hari
Disini kenapa saya tidak memakai kata lakukan? karena sob, kalau cuma lakukan itu hal yang biasa dan terkadang jika kita sudah lakukan, paling besok juga udah lupa. Jadi paksa diri kita untuk langsung bangun dan mengambil air wudhu sob. ok sob?? hehe
3. Ucapkan Kata Syukur
Setiap manusia pasti punya salah, karena manusia tak luput dari dosa. Oleh karenanya sob, rasa syukur ini akan membuat kita menjadi mengerti bahwa kita hanyalah hempasan kapas atau tidak ada apa-apanya. Setiap kali sudah bisa bangun pagi, ucapkanlah alhamdulillah sob. Kata ini memang sepele sob, tapi manfaatnya sangat besar sob. Jadi allah juga akan memberikan umatnya yang pandai bersyukur kepada-Nya sob. hehhe ya ga sih?? hehe
Mungkin itu saja yang bisa saya bagikan saat ini sob. Semoga Bermanfaat sob :)

Senin, 16 Mei 2016

VerA makan PerMent (Verb As compleMent) Mudah hafal!!

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  Good evening guys, gimana kabarnya nih?? masih semangat kan?? hehe. Ya guys walaupun kita sedang dilanda krisis moral, setidaknya kita harus ada niat untuk bangkit dari krisis moral ini sob. Masalahnya kalau kita hanya diam termenung di dalam putaran arus, tidak mungkin masalah ini akan cepat selesai, karena masalah ini harus bersama-sama kita selesaikan sob, hehe. Jadi sekarang aku akan mencoba untuk berbagi ilmu lagi nih sob. Karena kan jika kita berbagi ilmu walaupun satu alif itu akan sangat bermanfaat sob.  Sekarang aku ingin berbagi ilmu tentang Verb As Complement atau bisa kita singkat menjadi VerA makan PerMent, haha. yah sob jadi si Vera ini akan mencoba memperlihatkan ke kita semua bahwa bahasa inggris itu mudah, tapi tidak semudah merebut hatinya, cieee. hahaha. Oh ya sob, sudah pada tau belum nih apa itu Verb As Complement??. Yap betul sekali jawabannya sob, Jadi VerA makan PerMent ini adalah kata kerja yang di ikuti dengan to + infinitive. Pasti masih pada bingung kan apa itu to + infinitive? Jadi sob to + infinitive itu sejenis cemilan yang rasanya pedas dan bisa menggoyangkan lidah. hahah yah bukan lah sob. jadi to+infinitive ini contohnya gini sob ada to terus diikuti dengan make  jadinya to make. Jadi itu gambaran mudahnya sob. sekarang pasti sudah paham kan?? hehehe.

   Jadi sob VerA makan PerMent ini memang harus kita hafal kata kerjanya, karena ini berbeda dengan Verb + Gerund, Verb + preposition + gerund dll. Oleh karenanya sob, bagaimana cara mudah menghafalnya?? Eiits tunggu dulu. sebelum kita menghafalnya kita harus tau dulu siapa sih yang berhasil makan permen sama vera?? hahaha. Cekidot langsung sob!!.
1. Agree : Setuju
2. Desire : Ingin/Keinginan
3. Hope : Berharap
4. Plan : Rencana
5. Strive : Berjuang
6. Demand : Meminta

7. Attempt : Mencoba

Nah sob mereka itu ternyata sobat dari vera nih. jadi mereka itu bisa disingkat kayak gini sob
ASi itu PeLaRi jarak DekAt. Tapi sob, masih ada lagi nih temennya si Vera ini,, kyaknya bnyak banget ya teman-temannya sob, hehe. Langsung aja yuk sob!!

8. Expect : Mengharapkan

9. Intend : Berniat
10. Prepare : Siap-siap
11. Hesitate : Ragu
12. Tend: Cenderung 

PerIndo ke Pare jemput TanTe

13. Claim : Menuntut
14. Tail : Membuntuti
15. Want : Ingin
16 Pretend : Berpura-pura
17. Offer : Menawarkan
18. Learn : Belajar

ClaTa pergi ke WaTes beli sOffeL

19. Seem : Terlihat
20. Wish : Berharap
21. Need : Membutuhkan
22. Decide : Memutuskan
23. Forget : Lupa
24. Refuse : Menolak

SiSh si baju NeCis ala ForFusis

Untuk Contohnya seperti ini sob

Jono expects to begin studying law : Jono mengharapkan untuk mulai belajar hukum

Jadi sob, yang warna hitam itu si Veranya dan selanjutnya yang merah itu to + infinitive nya sob. ingat si Veranya harus sama TuTi ya. Tuti ( To Infinitive ) . Ok sob!!

Waah jadi mudah kan sob??. pastinya sob.. ingat sob kunci jika kita mau hafal juga dari diri kita sendiri. niatkan belajar karena ridho allah dan orang tua sob. insyaallah semuanya akan lancar.. amiin. semangaat sob!!.

Jumat, 13 Mei 2016

FISMO, We Care We Share!!

Mei 13, 2016 0
Assalamu'alaikum guys, masih semangaat untuk hari ini sob?? pastinya masih dong!! hehe. ya sob, kemarin tepatnya 14 Mei 2016 kami mengadakan acara Fisipol Mengajar #1. Awalnya sih aku merasa kikuk dan ragu, karena sebelumnya memang aku sudah pernah mengajar anak-anak kecil di acara Bhakti Sosial Keagamaan (BSK) yang diadakan setiap tahunnya. Kenapa aku tertarik pada acara ini sob? karena acara ini itu kita ga cuman mengajarkan kepada anak-anak secara teoritis tetapi bagaimana anak-anak itu senang dan mengerti apa yang kita jelaskan. Fisipol mengajar ini mempunyai motto "We Care We Share". Dimana pada saat kami mengunjungi tempatnya di SDN Banyuripan yang terletak di daerah Bantul. Satu hal yang kami sayangkan pada saat datang ke SD tersebut ialah ketika mendengar SD itu sedang diambang keterpurukan. Dimana SD itu hampir ditutup, karena ada masalah-masalah internal pada sd tersebut. yah aku berharap semoga sd ini bisa terus bersinar dan menciptakan generasi-generasi emas indonesia berikutnya.
   Di Fismo ini sob sebenarnya acara ini baru pertama kali diadakan. Sebelum-sebelumnya kami mengadakan acara menanam seribu pohon, sahur on the road, dll. Melihat bangsa sekarang sedang krisis moral dan lingkungan, hati kami tergugah untuk mengadakan fisipol mengajar ini sob. Kenapa kami memilih anak sd? karena sob, anak-anak inilah yang nanti menjadi cikal bakal penerus bangsa. mereka terlihat masih sangat lugu dan polos, jangan sampai karena kurangnya kasih sayang dan perhatian dari masyarakat, anak-anak ini kehilangan masa depannya. Aku sedih ketika melihat anak-anak ini selalu bergembira walaupun tempat belajar yang apa adanya. Mereka selalu semangat ketika belajar di kelas maupun di luar kelas. Awalnya sih aku merasa bingung ketika harus ice breaking (memecahkan suasana agar lebih seru) setelah semuanya mengalir, ternyata ini sangat menyenangkan. Kami menjelaskan tentang lingkungan hidup. Tata cara mengolahnya bagaimana dan cara merawatnya juga sob. Kami membawa tiga tanaman yang akan ditanam seperti, Kumis Kucing, Daun Sirih, dan Daun Ungu. Ketika kami menjelaskan manfaatnya semua anak-anak sangat antusias untuk memperhatikan apa yang kami jelaskan. ketika itu aku bertanya manfaat daun sirih itu apa hayoo? dan salah satu dari mereka langsung angkat tangan dan jawab obat mimisan mas, lalu aku bertanya balik, kalau mimisan keluarnya apa de?? yah keluarnya darah masa umbel(ingus), sontak tawa satu kelas memnuhi suasan belajar kita yang asyik sekali.
   Setelah belajar lingkungan hidup di kelas. Kami langsung mempraktekkannya di luar. kami bermain , tersenyum dan bergembira bersama. Aku terasa flash back pada waktu aku kecil dulu. Permainan yang kami mainkan adalah Kucing-kucingan, Ular-ularan, dll. Aku merasa hidup mereka itu tanpa beban, senyum dan tawa mereka terasa dunia ini memang bukan penghalang bagi mereka. Setelah itu kami menanam tanaman. Cara menanam tanaman yang baik pun kami jelaskan langsung di lapangan. pertama de siapkan pot, tanah, dan pupuknya. setelah itu masukkan tanah ke dalam pot setengah saja, setelah itu buka plastik yang ada di tanaman itu usahakan ya de tanahnya jangan sampai lepas nanti tanamannya ga kuat (sambil meragakn tubuh yang kuat) hehe. setelah itu tutup sisa yang kosong itu dengan tanah de. Gampang kan de? hahaha. Tanpa komando mereka pun langsung mengambil tanahnya dengan tangan mungil mereka. Waah kak mudah ternyata yah!!. Yah dong de. Jadi jangan lupa nanti disiram ya de, terus jangan lupa dirawat tanamannya yah de.. Yaa kakak..!!. Semangat mereka dalam menjaga dan melestarikan lingkungan lah yang akan membawa bangsa ini jauh dari krisis moral dan lingkungan. Sudah dulu ya sob, semoga kita sebagai pemuda juga bisa turut ikut serta dalam membangun indonesia jauh dari krisis moral. Amiiin.


Minggu, 08 Mei 2016

SUer Ment (Subject Verb Agreements) Mudah Hafal!!

Mei 08, 2016 0
  Assalamu'alaikum Sob, gimana nih kabarnya ?? baik bukan?. Cuaca yang sedang bersahabat ini paling enak berbagi ilmu nih sob. Oh ya sebelumnya saya akhir-akhir ini sering posting artikel inggris sob, ya kan kalau ilmu ga dipraktekin sob, ilmu itu tidak ada gunanya, jadi ilmu itu kalau ga dipraktekin ibarat tak berbuah, jadi manfaatnya tuh ga gregeet gitu sob, heheh. Ok sob, pada kesempatan kali ini saya ingin berbagi ilmu tentang Suer Men atau Subject Verb Agreement. Jadi suer men ini kayaknya sudah tidak sabar untuk keluar dan menyangkut dibenak-benak pikiran kita, hehe jadi sob saya itu merasa miris ketika pelajaran bahasa inggris ini ditakuti oleh sebagian masyarakat indonesia, oleh karenanya sangat ingin sekali membuat bahasa inggris ini menjadi fun dan mudah di hafal, dan dapat dipraktekkan pastinya. Karena sob, kunci bahasa inggris ya practice makes perfect atau berlatih membuat sempurna. Jadi sob jangan malu-malu untuk belajar bahasa inggris karena bahasa inggris itu butuh pendekatan yang lebih serius sob, heheh kayak sama siapa saja sob.. hahah.
   Ok sob, sebelumnya sudah siap kan? pastinya sudah dong. Sebelumnya sudah pada tau belum apa itu Subject Verb Agreement?. Jadi disini sob kita cuma cocok-cocokin aja sih sebenarnya. contohnya The boys are really clever nah jadi kalau ada "s" itu berarti plural sob atau lebih dari satu atau jamak atau banyak, gitu sob. mudah kan?? hehe. Suer Ment atau Subject Verb Agreement ini sudah lama kita pelajari sebenarnya, tapi mungkin karena kitanya aja yang ga mudeng, atau gurunya yang so cuek atau so old dll sob. makanya ini menjadi hal yang aneh dan masih banyak yang belum paham
   Si Suer ini sob ceritanya punya 7 sahabat yaitu Singular (Tunggal), Plural (Jamak/Banyak), Prepositional Phrase (gabungan kata depan (preposition) sama objeknya), Expression (Ekspresi) seperti Together With (Bersama dengan), Accompanied by (ditemani oleh), Along with (bersama), As Well As (Sebaik). Kayaknya ribet banget ya sob.. ga kok santai aja sob. saya akan kasih tau cara cepet hafalnya sob. heheh
   Nah sebelumnya sob, saya akan coba kasih contohnya satu persatu ya..
1. Plural : The Cats eat fish, nah jadi sob kalau plural itu tidak perlu ditambahkan "s" setelah eatnya sob
2. Singular : The Cat eats fish, nah disini sebaliknya plural sob, jdi jika kucingnya satu itu tidak perlu ditambah "s", nanti takutnya meriang sob kucingnya, wkwkwk
3. Prepositional Phrase : The Study of Languages are/is very interesting, karena Study itu singular sob jadi pakenya "is" ok?
4. Along With : The Actress, Along with the director and crews are/is going to the party, nah karena The Actress ini singular terus juga ada along with maka ini singular sob jadi pakenya "is"
5. Accompanied by : Mr and Mrs Robin accompanied by their son are having dinner to celebrate their anniversary, jadi sob yang harus diperhatikan itu subjek pertamanya yaitu yang saya warnai merah sob, bukan their son, soalnya kalau kita perhatikan their son itu nanti jadi singular sob.
6. As Well As : The Teacher as well as the students is in the hall, jadi sob ingat perhatikan warna merahnya atau subjek pertamanya jadi pasangan yang tepat adalah "is" karena teachernya itu satu sob.
7. Together With : The President together with the ministers is welcoming the members of scoutboys. Ok sob ingat liat warna merahnya ya.. hehe

   Mudah kan sob? tentu saja mudah sob. Apalagi kalau kita ringkas semua dalam satu nada sob, hahah. yaitu Si Lurah, Siti dan GeBy beli AlAs kaki
Si : Singular
Lurah : Plural
Siti : Prepositional Phrase
Ge : ToGether With
By : Accompanied by
Al : Along With
As : As Well As

Semoga bermanfaat sob :)

Rabu, 04 Mei 2016

A Good Beginning Makes A Good Ending!!

Mei 04, 2016 0

   PKU was just passed by. I got so many things from this agenda. Togetherness, Passion, Spirit and etc untill I can't say it one by one. PKU is "Pekan Kompetisi Unires", so right here Our agility was tested. So it is such as competion that usually hold every year. There are for about 15 competitions. We have to compete each other. There are several sport and academic competitions. Ok right here I'm gonna tell about why I got the cleanest room?? yeah i mean that I seldom clean my room, in the other side there was my friend was really spirit for this competition. Actually the story is like this, I was in 324 bedroom and beside my room was 323 next to 321.  In 321 bedroom had a really diligent people for about hygiene. He always swab the room everyday. So that the room was really clean. but It's different with his friends room. Yeaah his friends room was 323. Actually 323 had a really great cleaner too, but he just cleaned up the room when he heard that there was competition about the cleanest bedroom. without thought about it, He directly did it. He moved every places that he thought was not suitable for him. He made it really different style. He made kind of place that is the function for soap. He did it well for about it I thought. But suddenly the investigation was really unexpected. The day after he cleaned the bedroom , he thought that the juries would not come tomorrow, so he just enjoyed his life without anything to do. yeah after that in the morning after we woken up from his sleep, he shocked. There were 2 strangers came to his room, than they tried to check all of things in the room. But unfortunetely his bedroom was rather mass. so he couldn't say anything again. he couldn't believe it. after all investigations had done it. The juries got out and moved to the other bedroom. The investigation was a really unexpected and it was in really morning, so everybody here just woken up from their sleeping and confused about it. several bedrooms couldn't be opened by the juries, because they had known that the juries would investigate their bedrooms, so they just left out it, wkwkwk.

   Now I see that A good beginning makes a good ending. It means that if we do it regulary a good thing there will be a good ending, and the ending is happy ending I thought. Because We just cleaned our bedroom for about once a week. We usually clean it on friday. and We tried to do it regulary. every friday minimal we sweep the floor than throw the rubbish. but If we are so spirit at that time we clean up untill the corner of our bedroom that usually has many bacteri. So the conclution A good Beginning Makes a Good Ending. Ok guys, I hope this story can inspire us than don't forget to clean up your bedroom every week guys!!.. yeah thanks..

   These are Photos of my room Check this out guys. I hope it can be our motivation to always keep cleaning our bedrooms, hehe


Dirty Clothes



Clothes Hanger


Shampoo, Soap, and etc


Deadline Tasks

Senin, 02 Mei 2016

It's My Deepest Zeal!!

Mei 02, 2016 0
Me and My Little Brothers
Assalamu'alaikum wr wb, Good night guys!! Ok guys, Probably right now I'd like to tell you about what is my deepest zeal??. Actually every single day I really want to make my mother smile. I couldn't do anything except I have to get a better thing through my study here. I don't want to make my mother cries. So that I have to obey everything that she wants. I really dissappointed when I couldn't get what my mother wants. So that I have to be more struggle than before. When in the past time my mother ever said that "Ogi you have to believe to yourself that you can face everything in front of you". and than I just nodded and agreed but without action. I've ever stayed in islamic dormitory for about 3 years. And right here I was taught by many people and environment that one day you will never always be with your mom, so that you have to do everything by yourself. In this dormitory or it is called by alhikmah 2, I didn't cry when the first time i came here, because I've ever felt islamic dormitory before especially when I was junior high school. At that time I always cry, I couldn't hod my tears, I really wanted to come back and hug my mother so much. Fortunetely It was just passed by. I had just stayed there for about 2 months because my score in my school was undervalue, so that my mother taught that "I seldom study in dormitory". So I came back than I didn't continoue it. Up to know I really want to say thanks to my mother because she had brought me to islamic dormitory, without her pray I couldn't stay for about 3 years than got a lot of things especially about discipline.
Me and Mr Keyvan
   For about 3 years I joined in EDS (English Department Student). I learned so much about english there. There were many brothers who really care with me. Everyday we had to speak english and if we broke the rule there would be punishment. Therefore I could little bit speak english. I'd like to say many thanks to all of my brothers who already gave their leisure time for recination and study club. and one thing that I never forget is our motto "Spirit, Confident, and Always Together". Yeah right here without togetherness we couldn't make a great thing. we always get recitation, punishment and etc together. It was really the greatest memorable for me.
   Right now I feel the benefit from EDS lessons. Listening, Writing, Speaking  made me so confident in english. The methode was really easy. After that I tried to register some jobs especially in english. I tried to look for in internet, than I got it. Tutor Surplus was the place for me to share my english. It was really best experience when I had to teach iranian student. He has been old but his passion for studying were really great. I tried to tell him about what is tenses. Than he got a little confuse because sometimes he didn't understand what i said. so I had to make a movement that made him understand. so when I said "play football". I had to make some movements such as kick the ball, and sometimes he laughed at me. and sometimes we study outside. we played table tennis, actually he could play it, but he seldom beat me. Ohh ya I almost forget it, His name was Keyvan, he was from Iran. Therefore from this job, I wish that I could relieve my mother's financial than I could buy all that i want.  Ok guys that's all my post for today. I hope it can be usefull for us. I close assalamu'alaikum wr. wb . :)