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UNIRES : A Great Moslem For Better Future

   It was really short time. We didn't feel that we had to stop it all the memories. I don't want it actually. It will be a great memories for me. At the first time I came here. I saw a many different things, such as facilities, behaviour and etc. It seems that I was the only one here. I stayed alone in usrah usman bin affan at the first time. but step by step all my friends that would stay together with me in usrah usman bin affan already come. They were so unique and had a different culture too. After that we chit chat together, and talked about our personalities. We had 2 people that really influenced us. They were Brother Yusuf and Abduh. In the early month B. Yusuf couldn't come early because he had to finish his practical training in Sebatik. So that B. Abduh was the only one in usrah that always motivated us to be a good people. B. Abduh was from South Sulawesi exacly in Muna. He was really patient people. When we got lazy in praying and studying religion, he seldom angry, he just smiled and asked us to change our habit. It was so simple right??. "The most important thing is we have to do a good praying. Don't so fast if you do a praying, take it slow down than you will understand what the function of praying", he said. So that He just asked us to do a good praying, no matter we have a bad attitude if we do a good in praying, allah will change ourselves, so that let allah change it we just need to motivate them. In this sentence really mean to me. It's mean that I realized when I got child I did praying so fast without I knew the meaning of pray. Thanks B. Abduh who always motivated us and gave us a good example.
   After several days had passed. B Yusuf came here than he directly introduced himself. He was from Kendal, His full name was Muh Yusuf Patria. He was in international relation major, so that he had a same major with me. He often talk about the hot issue such as war in syria, iraq, and etc when we got al islam lesson. He was a simple person. If we didn't wanna do what he wanted to do, It's ok." But you have to follow all the regulation here" he said. So I thought that it's just the same, hehe. So right here B.Yusuf had one year left before he got out from here. He was in the last semester so he always ask us to always remember him when he leave out from here. He was graduated from Islamic Gontor Dormitory, so that his english was less than his arabic. He could teach about english but he felt still confuse because he focused on arabic lesson. But It didn't matter anymore If he couldn't teach about it clearly the important thing was he could be a good example too.
   Master Ceremony Non Formal was a great exercise for my public speaking. I thought that I had a short time in that agenda or we called it HW (Haflatul Wada). There was a selection first before it. Actually I didn't want it because I thought that It's been a long time I didn't perform in the front of stage. After the selection had done. The committee just choosed 2 people from boys and 2 people from girls. And It just by chance I was choosed to be Mc Non Formal. It meant that I had to make it fun in every step of events. So I with Saykha made such as concept that contained Ice breaker, dancer and etc. It was really funny. and we made a simple coreography too to introduce ourselves in front of stage. "Yeaah We are Sasya (Saykha Syauqi) hahah.". If you watched the video you will be laugh out loud. So just wacth the video in youtube guys!!.. wkwkwk. Ok guys that's all that I want to share right now. I hope it can be usefull for us..
Let's Watch The Video Guys!!!.. And give your big thumb.. Ok!!

When we performed our coreography

Grand Opening Haflatul Wada
Rasyid Ridho Performance

((Left to Right) Fahed, Irfan, Ismail, Tirta, Adi, Andhi, Mawan, Mas Abduh and Mas Yusuf)

When the agenda had just finished, we took a picture. Just look at me with a strange outfit, wkwkwk

Here we are.. Sasya (Saykha Syauqi). hahah

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