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Descriptive Text


   Pratama is my friend. He is so kind of person. He has sharp nose, cool hair, beautiful eyes and tall body. Even he is not really handsome, he always smile and make a kidding with me. Pratama always talk about something with me. He is still junior high school. He has a lot of friend. He is a diligent student. He always get first rank in his class he can read classic book too. I often sudy with him. He can teach me well. Now I can read too even so little. I really like him. He always help me when I get many problem. There are many girls fall in love with him. But he doesn't care. He just care with his carrier. His parent is so kind too. They always call pratama by using a soft voice. He really best of my friend. I won't let him go

Narrative Text
                                                                The Stingy Man
   Long time ago. There was people in small village. He was Ahmad. One day, Ahmad was hanginga around in the jungle. He was going to make a house. Ahmad tried hard to looking for the wood, but he couldn't get it. Tired and hopeless. He just got nothing. Suddenly..

   Ahmad : Oh god. Help me to get some wood. I really tired. Usually It's so easy but it's not really easy again..

Suddenly there was small people came to him. His named was Heri...
   Heri : Hey guys, What are you looking for??
   Ahmad : I'm looking for wood, but I couldn't find it yet, By the way who are you??
   Heri : Hehehe I forgot we haven't known each other right?? hehehe. My name is Adi. I've been here since three years ago
   Ahmad : Ohh. Nice to meet you. But I've never seen you here. Where did you come from??
   Heri : I don't know. I forgot it. By the way Could I help you??
   Ahmad : Ohhh, U're so strange man. I don't need you. I know that u'll ask money right?? Gotta hell you are!!!
   Heri : Hey, Keep your mouth. I wish that U'll be poor man and your money will burn up

After that directly ahmad didn't have money than he became poor man forever

Recount Text 

                                                         Holiday Programme

   It was really funny. I joined holiday programme and I got a lot of things there. The first time my group named Tarzan. There were three peoples in tarzan group. There were I, Faqih and Haniv.. My brother asked that to make tarzan costume. We looked for about material. Such as belt, clothes and hat. Those all must made from leaf. So that we had to looking for a lot of leaf. It was so easy cause we did that together. For bout 2 days we had made it. After that we made yel-yel. The first time we confused. After we tried hard to made it. We found the way. We taken a yel-yel from lazy song music. After we found we had to change the lyrics. It was not really long time. For bout 5 minutes we could make it. After we have prepared all. We were going to Holiday Programme. Our yel-yel was show in front of hall. It need bravery. We were so shy. After we thought that we had to do that. so We did it. Did you know what a result?? All of them were laughing at us. It was really memorable for us. And I won't forget about it ...
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