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A Mysterious Love

    It was on sunday, I could do everything that I want. I used to play football, table tennis and etc. The most important was I spent the day with a great activity, I didn't like spending my holiday lay down in the room or became lazy people, that's not me, hehe. So It started in the morning at 06.00, we played football with JAA corridor. Actually we didn't want to beat them again, but they asked us to do it, ok we said that with a pleasure,hehe. I was a keeper at that time, why i always get keeper position? because my friends thought that I had a tall body and that's great for keeper, but I didn't think so, and i just said that ok, I'll do it. During the game, I got so many shot from the enemy but i tried to always catch the ball. The game was so fast, and I got 7 balls came to my wicket. Wow that's unusual, usually I get more than 7 balls, hahaah.not just kidding. And that the game just passed by. And I always thanks to god that my team often get winner in every match, and this is the great thing that a few days to go we will face Pekan Kompetisi Unires (PKU).
    The game was so interesting, and we always try to get the best in every game. After I played football with all of my friends. I tried to get relax first in Banyumasan. Banyumasan is the place to eat that often I visit. Why we gotta choose banyumasan?, because the seller is kind with us. Although we took much rice, she just accounted how much sidedish that we took, so that the rice will never be accounted. I had a funny friend, his name was Mawan, he came from Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). He used to ask everything that he saw. when we came to Banyumasan, he asked about Mendowan food from Banyumasan, and he said that wiiuhh what a huge food!! I've never seen it. Than All of them people around him laughed at him so I was. We sometimes talk about the most interesting place to visit in Jogja. Because we had planning that we gonna go to every places in Jogja that has a good scanery. After we had eaten, we came back and took a rest for a while.
    After I taken a rest, I used to play table tennis directly in AR B Fakhrudin. Right here I felt that I was newbie, I couldn't do more than they do. I met with a great player from here, His name was Bangga and I usually call him mas bangga. The first time I was taught by him from how to hold the bet until how to smash the ball. But we'll not talk bout him a lot here, hehe. When I was playing it, We got smash the ball each other, and suddenly the ball went out the field so the ball was on the floor. I couldn't believe it, there was a beautiful creature in front of my eyes, and i said that "subhanallah", hehe. I ran to the ball and at that time she took the ball than when I saw her, I thought that I knew her, but we just stucked in that moment like the world was only for us and the other people rent it,hahah. We just got shy each other, after she given the ball, It's like the world couldn't around the universe. I hope that we'll meet at the same moment than I could ask why she looks so shy??. And I reall wanna know it up to now. It's still has a big question from my the deep of my heart. Why i do so shy too?? It's really complicated..

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